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Never has there been a more important time for Chelmsford based businesses to rethink their strategy on how to reach their target audience, especially now as the City centre footfall has decreased significantly.

People are turning now, more so than ever to using technology to make up what is possibly the worth financial shortfall in recent history.

But it’s not all doom and gloom ! Social media has made it easy to find and reach out to potential customers and it’s no small thanks to small business groups like this on Facebook to help let businesses make themselves visible.

Keep it local.

If like me, you have relied on AMAZON to get your household goods and electricals and noticed the cardboard mountain rise as high as the Amazon share price, you might now be thinking, ” Is it now not the time to keep it local?” There are plenty of existing and fledgling businesses out there in this great city of Chelmsford, and now is the time to help those in local business stay afloat in these troubled times.

Embrace the change.

The tech savvy among us have enabled themselves to survive and find new opportunities through lockdown by learning new skills such as social media management, marketing and the ability to network, however some are just concentrating so hard to getting their brand, products and services out there, they just havn’t got time. So what solutions are out there?

Get yourself a website ! That might seem easy even though there are lots of ways of creating one for free, however, there is no such thing as a free website, as there is always a hidden cost later on when you want to add more products, getting your website visible to the search engines, marketing and the list goes on.

If however you want to embark on a lasting relationship with someone that has been in the web design industry for more than 20 years and in it for the long run, then speak to me today.

What can I help you with?

  • I can design your website from scratch with content and pictures supplied by you.
  • I can provide free hosting for your website in the first year.
  • I will provide a free SSL certificate so your website is trusted.
  • I can help you with your social media engagement to improve your chances of success in a crowded market.
  • I can teach you how to build your own website using WordPress.
  • Pay monthly ! Let’s talk about how to make your website affordable !
  • I can provide support, maintenance and repairs to your existing website if you already have one that isn’t performing as it should.
  • I can provide advice to you and your business to help it grow !

Some Frequently Asked Questions

A typical small business website is normally about 5-7 pages with a contact form and a list of your products or services laid out professionally to showcase your business beautifully. The average cost is £500.

Apart from a great website, I provide free hosting in the first year which equates to roughly £150 per year. Hosting is needed for your website so people can find you. Think of it as the land that your house sits on.

I provide a free SSL certificate for the life of your website as long as you are hosted with me. Other people sometimes charge for this and the normal cost is about £70.00 per year.

For a small monthly cost, I can keep your website running smoothly, maintenance is important and you can think of it as keeping your oil and screenwash topped up in your car. Normally about £50.00 per month.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is crucial for your website to be found, otherwise you may as well have a shop in a dark road without lights. I provide free basic SEO to get you going, but if you are in a competitive market place, we may need to look at this separately.

If you have the right tools, then yes, I can teach you how to build your own website, You will first need to buy your domain name and pay for hosting, then we are all set to go !

  • Tools such as a Laptop, internet connection and a will to succeed.

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Ashley Lewis
Ashley Lewis@dorvics
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Paul has built a few websites for me and he does not disappoint. He completes the work on time and always goes the extra mile.
Sharon Ellis
Sharon EllisWatergate Cottage
Read More
Paul built me a website for my holiday cottage with a booking function and I am very happy with the look and the feel of the website. It enables me to take bookings and keep an eye on my business. I totally recommend his services.
Headlines of Shefford
Headlines of SheffordHair Salon
Read More
We love our website and it is due for an update and revamp very soon, we will be asking Paul to work his magic yet again and continue with our page one Google placement.


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