Mobile friendly websites

As Internet traffic increasingly comes from mobile devices, Google is shifting its focus to mobile-friendly website optimization. While this has been in the works for years, the search giant has made an official announcement about it, as it takes the global increase in mobile internet use very seriously.  A mobile-friendly website is essentially a normal […]

WordPress page builders

When it comes to choosing a website page builder for WordPress, the question I hear most often these days is “Is it better to useElementor or Divi?.” In this article we have all the information you need to create and edit your website quickly and easily and help you choose the right tool for the […]

Introduction to WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular free and open source web development tools that are available today. The built in features are simple and simple for me is the best thing. The continuing support from users and developers alike have helped WordPress to overcome competitors like Drupal, Granite and Joomla , it has become […]

Wordpress website designer essex

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